Other beverages

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To complete its range of products for the espresso bar, Covim has selected a series of top quality beverages of the types most in demand among today’s consumers. Going into a Covim espresso bar means enjoying a complete selection of hot beverages in addition to coffee: chamomile tea, hot chocolate, ginseng, barley coffee and tea. All top quality products which can be sweetened with Covim’s selected sugars and sweeteners.

Epy Ginseng Capsules

An Oriental root that makes a flavourful, aromatic beverage providing an outstanding source of energy.

Epy Orzo Capsules

A creamy, aromatic, healthy beverage.

Hot chocolate in envelopes

Covim has selected a hot chocolate mix that makes a dense, creamy beverage sure to satisfy even the most demanding palates.


Covim has something for everyone, allowing espresso bars to serve top quality teas with intense flavours and sophisticated fragrances.

Barley coffee in pods

Covim’s barley coffee is a healthy, wholesome product that makes a fragrant beverage rich in aroma with a modern, invigorating flavour.

Suave decaffeinated coffee in bags

A smooth, creamy coffee, caffeine-free. Caffeine content no more than 0.10%.



Covim sugar, selected from the best producers on the market, is packaged in single portion packets.

Cane sugar

Covim has also selected a top-quality cane sugar for serving in the espresso bar in practical single portion packets.


A top quality sweetener selected by Covim containing sodium cyclamate and acesulfame K.