About us

Passion and experience at your service.

Whenever you drink Covim, you’re enjoying a cup of coffee created out of the experience and passion of a Genoese coffee roaster that has been satisfying consumers’ tastes and demands for more than forty years.

Our coffee is excellent

because we are the first passionate tasters.

Covim has been promoting the culture of coffee since the early 20th century, and has always been the first to judge the quality of its products.
Our deep passion for coffee drives us to create blends that fully satisfy the requirements of true connoisseurs of this extraordinary product.
Our many years of experience guarantee not only the quality but the constancy of all Covim blends.

Our coffee is excellent

because we know the needs of our customers and their markets.

Covim has developed an elective affinity for its customers over the years.
It is familiar with their habits and the demands of their markets, and has developed three specific product lines, each with its own particularities:
Ho.Re.Ca. Line – Vending Line – Retail Line
In addition, Covim establishes a relationship of perfect fairness and transparency with customers, supporting their businesses with major investment in advertising.

Our coffee is excellent

because we love technology and innovation.

Covim’s passion for coffee is strongly supported by innovation and technology.
We are convinced that respect for tradition can go hand in hand with research and development. All stages in production must be optimised with ongoing investment in the best available technologies; research and experimentation are our personal contribution to improving the experience of enjoying espresso coffee.
We attentively follow trends in markets and consumption, especially in relation to the new single-serving formats, developing exclusive systems and capsules employing patented technology.

Our coffee is excellent

because we respect the earth and its fruits.

Coffee is a living material that demands great respect, attention and knowledge.
Our business is founded on a truly natural, irreplaceable product grown on three different continents spanning the Equator, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
Many years of experience qualify us to approach a multitude of producers in different countries of origin with fairness and transparency.

Our respect for the earth and its fruits has driven us to certify our products and make choices in the field, because cultivation in the field is our entire reason for being.
Covim obtained certification for organic coffee production early in the year 2017. This important decision was guided exclusively by our interest in quality and the growing awareness that more and more people want to do something for the environment through their individual choices.

  • UNI EN ISO 9001 – Certified quality system.
  • UNI EN ISO 14001 – Plant certified for environmental protection.
  • UTZ Better Farming Better future – Covim is committed to a sustainable planet.
  • UTZ certified farmers grow coffee using ecological methods in harmony with nature. www.utz.org
  • IFS Food Version 6 – Company and plant certified as retailer and wholesaler branded food suppliers.
  • DTP114 – Certification of functional quality of whole bean coffee blends for the Vending market.
  • Certificate of conformity for production of roasted, ground and single-serving capsule organic coffee.

Our coffee is excellent

because our passion has an Italian heart.

The whole world is now familiar with coffee, but the world’s top coffee is still Italian espresso.
Working with a product so intrinsically associated with Italy is a great responsibility for us, and a great source of pride. We come from Genoa, a seaside city with centuries of history, a port city whose enterprises have reached every continent in the world and harvested the world’s fruits with all the wisdom, experience and tradition of the Italians, a people who enjoy and appreciate the pleasures of things done well.

Taking pleasure in things done well is an essential value for our staff.
A group of young, dynamic people sharing a desire to grow, listen and work together to produce quality and create innovation.
A solid team that works hard every day to make sure that anyone who wants to can enjoy all the excellence of traditional Italian coffee.