50 years of history

Our coffee is excellent, because our history began a long time ago.

Businessman Federico Solari founded the “Società Internazionale per la Torrefazione Igienica del Caffè“ in Genoa in the early 20th century.
A true pioneer in his field, he edited and published
a treatise entitled “Notes on coffee consumption in Italy“, a forerunner of today’s most modern marketing surveys.

Driven and inspired by that adventure (which came to an end a few decades later), in 1954 Federico Solari, the direct descendent of the first Federico Solari, launched the “Moka Imperiale” coffee brand, and in 1974 he and his brothers founded the “Compagnia Mediterranea Caffè”, setting up the first production plant in the town of Tribogna, still a part of Covim’s production facility today.
At around the same time, in 1969, Osvaldo Picci, Adone Macoggi and Paolo Guglielmoni founded “Coveca“.

In 1991 the “Compagnia Mediterranea Caffè” joined “Coveca” and the company took on today’s name, “Covim“.


Cavalier Federico Solari, born in Genoa in 1855, founder of the “Società Internazionale per la torrefazione igienica del caffè”, one of Italy’s first coffee-making industries.
An ancestor of a number of today’s shareholders

June 1902
Documents written for the then President of the Council of Ministers of Rome, Giuseppe Zanardelli

The trademark at the time

Warehouse in the centre of Genoa

The plant opened in the late 19th century in Rivarolo (Genoa)

Documents of the day

Photograph of the plant opening in the late 19th century

Photos taken inside the plant


Company dinner at Ristorante Toscanaccio with future Coveca shareholders Osvaldo Picci and Adone Macoggi

1957 cycling race

Adone Macoggi 1956

1958 cycling race

Tortona Novi Ligure cycling race sponsored by the Eureka 1957 brand. In the photo is Adone Macoggi, one of the founders of COVECA, which became Covim in 1991

1966 Meeting of Osvaldo Picci, Adone Macoggi and Paolo Guglielmoni (future COVECA shareholders) with Merialdi Fiore and Ugo (Eureka shareholders) to sign a trademark agreement in 1966


1974. The Solari brothers found the “Compagnia Mediterranea Caffè” and launch the “Moka Imperiale” brand

In the plant in the ‘70s

1975 Compagnia Mediterranea Caffè plant, which became the property of Covim in 1991

Coffee storage silos in the plant in the ‘70s


The “Coveca” trademark/logo from its foundation until 1985

New Coveca product lines for the espresso bar just before the transformation into Covim 2000

The “Coveca” trademark/logo from its foundation until 1985 and until 1990


1991 trademark/logo of the new company, “Covim”

1994 – 1995. Automation of the plant.

Covim appears on the Vending market 1991 and the Covim brand becomes a product trademark.

The trademark/logo adopted in 1998


2000. First pod production line installed.

Evolution of the trademark/logo between 2003 and 2009

2000. New plant area built.


2010. The new packaging line for “Covim Epy” capsules

2010. New synoptic panel.

2011. The trademark/logo is revised and the new slogan “Piacere Espresso” is adopted.

2015. Covim presents its new trademark/logo and new slogan, “Espresso Life”.

2010. New roaster installed.

2011. New testing laboratory set up.

2014. The first Covim espresso bar opens in the transfer area at “Galileo Galilei” airport in Pisa.